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Related article: Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:17:44 -0700 (PDT) From: rbet02yahoo.com Subject: Adventures in Tree HillThis story is fiction. It contains text regarding man-on-man sex and incest. If you are under the age required to view materials pertaining to sexual exploration in your jurisdiction, please do not read this story. The characters within this story are copywrited by Tollin/Robbins and the WB network, and this story in no way implies the sexuality of its actors or its characters.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Nathan Scott was upset. After a long sabbatical as a touring rock act, his wife Haley was back in Tree Hill. Nathan and Haley weren't your typical married couple. They had married last year as juniors in High School. When Haley left him to tour with the rock group "The Wreckers" and the undeniably attractive Chris, he was angry to say the least. Yet he respected his vows to Haley and had yet to fool around with any other girl. Now that she was back, he wasn't sure he was ready to be with her again for the rest of his life. But he was still leary of getting it on with anyone because of the vows he and his wife shared. Needless to say, Nathan was incredibly horny.Nathan though that starting school again, and basketball practice, would help return his life to normal. He Bbs Pedo Lolitas was wrong. The first day of practice he ran into his half brother Lucas. He still held some hatred for his half brother, but last year they had started to become friends and now they had a very complicated relationship. By chance, the Scott brothers happened to be the last two boys left in the locker room after practice. Lucas, naked and dripping from his shower, approached his half brother."Man, you've gotta lighten up and give your friends a chance.""Lucas, you were my friend until you started to mess with my family.""I was only doing that to help you and your mom Nathan."Nathan couldn't help looking down at Lucas' fat cock. In at least one department, they seemed to be very similar. Lucas' cock was easily 8 inches hard, and Nathan thought he noticed the tiniest of twitches as he was talking to his bro."Lucas, maybe there is something you can do to prove your friendship to me. Suck my cock.""Haha, very funny bro.""I'm serious. You've done your fair share to fuck up my life and I'm horny as hell.""Fine, Nate, whatever it's gonna take."Lucas reached down and began to massage Nathan's cock through his thin basketball shorts. Nathan moaned and leaned into his brother, smelling his naked, freshly washed body. Nathan immediately became rock hard, a solid 8 and a half inches.Lucas ripped off Nathan's basketball jersey and lowered his head to lick each of Nathan's dime sized nipples. He then breathed in the sweaty boy scent of Nathan's armpits before going even lower and sucking on Nathan's rock hard abs.Lucas pulled Nathan's basketball shorts off over his hard dick, which responded by smaking his firm stomach. Nate kept his pubic hair shaved, and his huge ball sack hung underneath, just begging for attention. Lucas put his lips over Nathan's purple head and flicked his toungue on his brother's piss slit. He reached down and pulled on his own 8 inch cock. Then he took as much of his brothers cock into his mouth as he could.Nathan pulled out of his brothers mouth and sat down on the locker room bench."Looks like you like sucking on my boy rod. How 'bout I stick it up your ass.""Look, Nathan, I don't know. That pretty much crosses into gay-territory in my book.""Shut the fuck up and turn around."Lucas turned around and Nathan bent him over. He stuck his eager tounge between his brothers rounded cheeks and began to massage his boy pussy with his tounge. He could taste his brother's sweat and as his pink hole started to respond, he slipped his tounge inside."Oh, fuck" Lucas muttered as he felt the invading force in his hole.His already hard cock began to throb with an intensity he hadn't experienced since middle school as Nathan carressed his boy-hole with his strong tounge.Lucas Bbs Pedo Lolitas leaned back into his brother sweet massage. Nathan took the opportunity to insert his finger into his brothers ass. Lucas moaned as Nathan glided one, then two fingers into his sweet pucker.Nathan stood up and whispered into Lucas' ear, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard..."Lucas grinned as Nathan touched his purple cock head to his brothers waiting hole. Nathan pushed with all his might, causing Lucas to scream in agony. Nathan's 8 and a half inch shaft punctured Lucas' virgin hole. His ass was on fire. Nathan slowly pulled out to his cock head and then pushed back in with strength. Sweat poured down Lucas' back as his brother pounded his hole."Lucas, I'm gonna cum" his brother said."Oh god, come inside me...please..."Nathan took a deep breath as his cock exploded inside of his brother's hole."OH GOD!"Wave after wave of boy cum shot into Lucas' gut. Nathan spurted at least seven times and his balls pulled up to his abdomen in a way he had never experienced with any girl.As Nathan was coming, Lucas cried out as his own hard dick began shooting stream after stream of thick boy cum at the lockers in front of him. Nathan felt Lucas tighten his already firm hole against his boy cock.Nathan pulled out of his brother and the two looked at each other in deep confusion. Where do we go from here, they both thought.Then, from the far end of the locker room, they heard their teamate, and former inmate, Jake say "Wow, so this is what I come back to."
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